Dr. Champa H S


Dr. Champa completed Bachelor of Architecture from Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, Bangalore and has two Masters to her credit from Delhi and Mysore University in ‘Ecology & Environment’ and ‘Urban Design’. During the centenary year of Mysore University Champa got awarded for her Ph.D. with the title “REFURBISHING THE IDENTITY OF A CITY IN TRANSITION: An Urban Design Intervention into Development Paradigms of Mysuru”.

Dr. Champa has worked in Bangalore, Goa and Kerala before setting up her own independent practice based out of Mysore and has completed many Resorts, Residences, hotels, Institutions etc. Dr. Champa has served as ‘Principal’ at School of Design, University of Mysore before moving on a teaching assignment at Birla Institute of Technology, UAE. She has served as ‘Director’ at SVS School of Architecture, Coimbatore. Dr. Champa has presented and published many papers in International and National conferences and Journals. Her research area is ‘architectural pedagogy, climate responsive architecture, heritage and urban design’. She has edited books on ‘Rural Documentation’ of Tamilnadu and National, International Conference proceedings.