Quiz Competition

Brain Brawl

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Registration Fee
₹200 per group
Payment Details
Account Name: Mysore School Of Architecture
Account Number: 2334101017228
Bank: Canara Bank
IFSC Code: CNRB0002334
Branch: Vivekanadanagar, Mysore

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Decennial Competition Group
For More Details Contact:
Faculty Coordinator
Prof. Shivangi
Student Coordinator

If you are a brainiac who is up for a big challenge, now is your time to shine. “Welcome, fellow adventurers of the mind, to a quiz like no other! Get ready to embark on a journey through the whimsical realms of trivia, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and the bizarre becomes brilliant!

Bring along your soldiers and win this war, and the cup will be yours. Maybe the best of odds win! Bring along your crew now the time is due!

Participation :

This competition is open to individual between the ages of 15 and 25 years old. Each team to comprise of three members. – If team members are insufficient or in case of individual participation, then on spot team will be created by the organisers.

Schedule :

  • Quiz is scheduled to be held on 13/05/2024 from 1 pm – 3 pm, the total quiz run time is 2 hours.
  • Students are requested to assemble in the designated area 20 mins before the commencement of program.
  • *Schedule of the event may be subjected to change, if so – all the registered teams will be informed priorly

General Rules

  1. Only registered students are allowed to participate. There is no limit on number of team participating from one institution.
  2. The team shall consist of 3 members.
  3. The participants shall not be allowed to use mobile or other electronic instruments during the quiz.
  4. The questions format shall be based on various forms like multiple choice, single answer, audio, and visual questions.
  • There will be two rounds in the quiz competition,
    • Preliminary round or elimination round.
    • Final round or stage round.
  • The SIX teams which qualify from the preliminary round will compete in the final stage round.


  • Top 3 winners will receive a trophy, a certificate of achievement and a special mention on stage.
  • All the other participants will receive a participation e-certificate.

Registration & Payment

  • Registration fee for this event is ₹200 per Team and ₹100 for individual participation.
  • You are required to provide a screenshot of your payment and attach in the registration form for confirmation of your registration.