Photography Competition

Capture the moment, frame the beauty, and etch it in eternity.

Registration Fee
₹100 per person
Payment Details
Account Name: Mysore School Of Architecture
Account Number: 2334101017228
Bank: Canara Bank
IFSC Code: CNRB0002334
Branch: Vivekanadanagar, Mysore

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Decennial Competition Solo
For More Details Contact:
Faculty Coordinator
Prof. Shivangi
Student Coordinator

The competition aims to inspire and showcase the diverse talents of photographers by inviting participants to submit their best images that capture the essence of any or all of the following themes.


  1. Cultural curves
  2. Contrasting emotions in a frame
  3. Dark night
  4. Vintage blues

Rules & Regulations

  1. Participants may submit up to1 entry per theme Image must be in digital format (jpeg or png) and submit online.
  2. The image should have 3:2 ratio example 4X6 inches with 300 Dpi.
  3. Each image should be accompanied by a caption (Maximum 5 words) with location and time when the picture was captured.
  4. Entries must be original work of the participant; the participation will be dismissed if NOT found as original works.
  5. The entries may be asked to submit original image with no editing (Raw image): if in the suspicion of FORGERY.


The participant is requested to submit their final images with the format mentioned above by a google form mentioned here with the loading limit of 10 MB.


  • Top 3 winners will receive a trophy, a certificate of achievement and a special mention on stage with display of their works on the final day of distribution of certificates on 12th May 2024.
  • All the other participants will receive a participation e-certificate on their registered email ID

Registration & Payment

  • Registration fee for this event is ₹100 per Person.
  • You are required to provide a screenshot of your payment and attach in the registration form for confirmation of your registration.