Debate Competition

Engage, Argue & Enlighten: The Essence Of Debate

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Registration Fee
₹200 per group
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Account Name: Mysore School Of Architecture
Account Number: 2334101017228
Bank: Canara Bank
IFSC Code: CNRB0002334
Branch: Vivekanadanagar, Mysore

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Decennial Competition Solo
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Faculty Coordinator
Prof. Shivangi
Student Coordinator
Sahana S

Clash of perspectives, where minds meet, arguments clash, and ideas flourish. In this arena of intellectual combat, participants will engage in spirited debates on topics of societal importance, challenging conventional wisdom and exploring the depths of critical thinking. As we embark on this journey of discourse and discovery, let us celebrate the power of reasoned argumentation and the pursuit of truth.


Participation is open to students and individuals of all backgrounds who are eager to engage in constructive dialogue and sharpen their persuasive skills. AGE GROUP: 15–25-Year-Old. It is a ONE-ON-ONE BATTLE OF OPINIONS…!

Event Schedule:

Date: 11 May 2024 Time: 1:00PM – 3:00 PM

  • Schedule is subjected to change; the registered teams will be informed priorly

Rules & Regulations

  1. Topics for debate will be provided on spot. Individuals will be assigned a stance (pro or con) on the topic.
  2. The debate will follow a structured format, including opening statements, rebuttals, cross- examination, and closing statements.
  3. Each segment of the debate will have specific time limits, as outlined below:
    • Each team will have 2-3 minutes to present their opening arguments.
    • Rebuttals: Each team will have 3 minutes to rebut the opposing team’s arguments.
    • Cross-Examination: Teams will have 2 minutes each to cross-examine the opposing team.
    • Closing Statements: Each team will have 1-2 minutes to present their closing arguments.
  4. Fair Play: Teams are expected to engage in respectful and constructive debate. Personal attacks, insults, or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.
  5. Language: The debate will be conducted in English.
  6. Timing: – Preparation Time: Teams will have a designated amount of time (2-3minutes) before the debate begins to prepare their arguments. –
  7. Debate Duration: The entire debate, including opening statements, rebuttals, cross- examination, and closing statements, should last around 6-8 minutes maximum.
  8. The Host college / judges’ decision will be considered final if required in any situation.


  • Top 3 winners will receive a trophy, a certificate of achievement and a special mention on stage.
  • All the other participants will receive a participation e-certificate.

Registration & Payment

  • Registration fee for this event is ₹200 per Person.
  • You are required to provide a screenshot of your payment and attach in the registration form for confirmation of your registration.