Bridge O Mania

How Strong is your Bridge ?

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Registration Fee
₹200 per group
Payment Details
Account Name: Mysore School Of Architecture
Account Number: 2334101017228
Bank: Canara Bank
IFSC Code: CNRB0002334
Branch: Vivekanadanagar, Mysore

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Decennial Competition Group
For More Details Contact:
Faculty Coordinator
Prof. Shivangi
Student Coordinator
Naga Eshwar

Welcome to the “How Strong Is Your Bridge” competition! This competition challenges participants to design and construct a bridge using specified materials within given constraints. The primary objective is to build a bridge that can support the maximum load without failing, showcasing strength, stability, and innovation in engineering design.

Event Schedule:

Date :12 May 2024

Time: 10:00 AM – 12 :00 Noon

  • Schedule is subjected to change; the registered teams will be informed priorly


A material kit will be provided to all the teams equally which includes Popsicle sticks, Straws, paper and binding material such as glue etc.


  • Length: 1.2m
  • Width: 30cm
  • Height: 25cm

Weight Capacity:

Bridges must support a load of up to 25 kg applied gradually or all at once. TESTING PROCEDURE:

  • Bridges will be tested using by applying weights incrementally until maximum weight.
  • Each bridge will be tested individually, and the maximum weight it can support without collapsing will be recorded.
  • Participants will be given maximum of 1.5 hours of time to design and construct the bridge.
  • The testing of the bridge will be done after letting the bridges settle and dry for 3-4 hours. (Approx 3:00 PM)

Team Size:

Minimum 2 Member and Maximum 3 Members in a Team is allowed. SCORING CRITERIA:

  1. Strength-to-weight ratio.
  2. Aesthetic appeal.
  3. Creativity.
  4. Adherence to rules.


  • Top 3 winners will receive a trophy, a certificate of achievement and a special mention on stage.
  • All the other participants will receive a participation e-certificate on the email ID as registered.

Registration and Payment

  • Registration fee for this event is ₹200 per Team.
    • You are required to provide a screenshot of your payment and attach in the registration form for confirmation of your registration.