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  • Mysore School of Architecture

Recognised by COA, New Delhi and Affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum.


The eminent American architect Frank Lloyd Wright said “Architecture is a way of life”. We derive the concept of Design Education for our creative students from the above quotation at our new Mysore School of Architecture (MSA).

LIVE, LEARN, WORK and PLAY will be the focal points for promotion of quality architectural education at our institute.

Architecture has been playing an integral role in the lives of mankind since ancient times. The Parthenon of Greece, the Pantheon of Rome, the Pyramids of Egypt, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Sancta Sophia of Istanbul, the Taj Mahal of India, etc., are marvels of Architecture inherited by us from old civilizations.


This history is still remembered by us and studied by our students to draw on the essence applied to the functions and spaces which shape and form our edifices today. The profession of Architecture is a blend of Arts and Technology contributing to life and growth in the urban and rural environment. The quest for super shelters in society invites a quality design demand to be achieved faster, higher, stronger. Hence, points move to make lines; lines move to make planes; planes move to make and enclose spaces – this is Architecture.

All this has inspired the L.K. Memorial Charitable Trust to set up the Mysore School of Architecture (MSA) with full-fledged infrastructure facilities and amenities. An astute, experienced and dedicated faculty has been invited to teach at Mysore School of Architecture.


The B.Arch. course will address emerging market needs for ‘Hi- Design’ and give excellent job opportunities. Despite turmoil and turbulence on the political scenario, India’s urban as well as rural growth has gained a ‘Visible speed’. Indian Architects are already playing a major role to create beautiful eco-friendly buildings amidst self-sustainable urban planning. For all round development we need many more architects.

The 5-year programme (B.Arch.) trains the young professionals to form economically viable design concepts, which are acceptable –
  • for constantly changing social and cultural aspirations;
  • for maintaining a continuity while changes come in space and time;
  • for respecting ecology and environment;
  • for using new materials and innovative modern technology.


We aim to groom student’s minds for efficiently working in the field of private practice, academics and research. For these purposes firstly, we need to develop their creative thinking and communication skills. Next we need to expose the students to a wide spectrum of subjects like Theory of Design, History of Architecture, Building Construction and Materials, Systems of Structures, Climatology, Color Schemes, Fine Arts, Sculpture, Graphics, Photography, Sociology, Urban Economics etc. Finally after a study of all these topics, the students will mature, where the application of above stated theories imbibed will be overlapped and synthesized into a “Design Product”.

There is a great scope for the B.Arch. course in Mysore. There is only one other college in Mysore University. The latest surveys show an enormous demand by way of applications for the B.Arch. course around Mysore. There are about 300 applications from Mysore, about 100 applications form Coorg and about 150 applications from Mandya.


The basic philosophy in our approach to higher education is based on the following principles:

Excellence – By achieving the highest standards in teaching, research, scholarship and students service.

Openness – To guarantee access to higher learning for all who have the ability and the desire to do so.

Flexibility – Adapting to the needs of the students and faculty working at their own pace with good rapport for interaction given a comfort zone full of facilities / amenities surrounding them.

Innovation – To create and develop new, artistic learning models and technology based alternatives blended by self-exploration combined with an appreciation / criticism by faculty, thus resulting in a fruitful dialogue.

The Bachelor’s degree in Architecture is the first flagship course at Mysore School of Architecture running this course in isolation would make for a dry and dull ambience. We introduce workshops, which will produce fun and excitement on campus all day long, in drawing & painting, sculpture and photography. Periodically we hope to introduce our Post graduate (M.Arch.) programs of 2 years in Conservation, Urban Design, Landscaping, etc.


We are happy to state that all necessary functions, for starting B.Arch. course this academic year, are already in place. Computer lab, Library, Materials Museum, Modeling workshop, Climatology Lab, etc. are ready. Alongside these we are having fully furnished design studios with work stations; all administration spaces like various offices required; all service spaces like toilets, lounges, aisles etc. complete. All these provisions comply with COA and VTU norms.


One of the best, time tested methods of learning architecture is by taking students to places of architectural interest. Here the students are made to do measure-drawings of the existing structures and their details. Further they are made to photograph and sketch the buildings as well as the open spaces, plazas, courtyards in and around them. This is self-learning which gives students an idea of the scales, the patterns, the textures, the sense of symmetry vs asymmetry, balance, light and shade, material finishes etc., complete.

So we will plan various trips as follows:
  • One compulsory excursion for students from year I to IV going out to different architectural destinations within India, in January every year for a period of 10 to 15 days. This is as per COA norms.
  • One optional excursion to different foreign countries for all school students who may afford to go abroad for 10-15 days in June every year.
  • A special excursion by invitation for foreign students/ young architects every year in January for a “Budget” tour of architectural wonders in different regions of “incredible India” for 10 - 15 days with our MSA guides/teachers.




It is necessary to establish strong bonding and linkages to run a people friendly college.

  • Invitations to practicing architects in the region and the country for a talk with visuals given periodically will inspire and expose students and faculty to the reality of design and building industry in the outside world.
  • The college will relate to the community of Mysore only to be a pleasant activity and arts zone through the short courses we are introducing soon.
  • At par, “twinning” with colleges of similar caliber and age will promote exchange of ideas. This results in two colleges learning from each other the positive schemes implemented by them as well as taking note of the experiments/variations in design education, which may have failed.
  • Foreign collaborations are already in vogue and bring along obvious advantages with new knowledge from across the high seas. Presently we are working on a tie-up with Germany and U.S.A – hopefully awaiting some good news soon.
  • Building site visits to demonstrate how new as well as old materials are blended and used is a great asset to the students. So tie-up with builders and developers make for a welcome linkage looking at ongoing constructions with innovative and economical structure systems.